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U.S. Firestop, LLC

LIfe Safety Specialists

U.S. Firestop, LLC is dedicated to the correct installation of Firestop products and systems. Our dedicated staff is trained to provide the highest quality of Firestop System installation. Our services include estimating, Installation and Consulting.

* Estimating-Our estimating department utilizes digitized software allowing us to provide quick,

   detailed and accurate estimates.

* Certified Technicians-Our Firestop Technicians are trained by the manufacturer as part of

   the Hitli Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor Program (HAFSC) allowing our technicians to

   stay up to date with the latest products and systems available at the time of installation.

* Health care-Our services offer a variety of options for the Health care industry including but

   not limited to updating Firestop Systems in existing facilities as well as providing installation for

   new construction. We can provide additional services in this area including Barrier Management

   Programs and Firestop Installation Documentation to maintain your facility.

* Consulting-Our team can provide consulting services which include site surveys' to

   determine your current situation and future budgeting needs.